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Guild Wars 2 developer banned over 34,000 bots in November

Guild Wars 2 developer ArenaNet banned over 34,000 bots from its online fantasy game this November, it was revealed in a post by security coordinator Mike Lewis.

According to the official blog, these account bans have resulted in an overall decrease of bots in the game, with the number of bots reported hourly dropping from over 2,000 in October to 20.

Lewis outlined the method ArenaNet uses to track bots, using what he describes as "comprehensive tools" and "manual observation."

"We've gathered massive amounts of information about the habits of both normal players and automated bot players," he writes. "We contracted a team of data specialists to help us build comprehensive tools that comb through this data and find effective ways to single out and terminate bot accounts. Automating this process has been a major focus of the ArenaNet security team, and we're now seeing the considerable fruits of this labor.

"Another way we identify and combat bots is through manual observation. Our GM staff is equipped to monitor the game around the clock and detect bots from within the game itself. We have a considerable task force assigned to patrolling the world and eliminating bots, as well as helping us continue to improve and refine our automatic detection tools."

He also emphasizes the importance of user reports which are monitored and investigated by staff.

Earlier in the year, ArenaNet president Mike O'Brien spoke with Polygon regarding how players can protect themselves from hackers in the game. Check out his suggestions on how to keep your account as safe as your email here.

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