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Total War: Rome 2 to have ancient Carthage as a playable faction

The ancient nation of Carthage will be a playable faction in upcoming real-time strategy title Total War: Rome 2, publisher Sega announced today.

Carthage is a trading state located in northern Africa and has a relatively small native population. The state's army is primarily made up of mercenaries, and its special forces are a group of highly-trained Carthaginian citizens called the Sacred Band.

Carthage and Rome have previously enjoyed a cool peace. The two countries fought side-by-side in the Pyrrhic War in 280 BC, after which Rome walked away with footholds all over the Italian peninsula and Carthage managed to wrangle Sicily. However, this uneasy peace is beginning to fray and the situation between the two nations is tense when Rome 2 begins.

Carthage offers both seasoned warriors with war-trained elephants and experienced sailors as a playable military faction. While the state will automatically have a higher overall population happiness due to its status as a democracy, players can choose to play one of three political powers. Each power boosts a different set of benefits: military, economic or cultural.

Last week Sega announced ancient Rome would be a playable faction in the game.

Total War: Rome 2 will be released for PC in October 2013.