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Dragon Quest 7 3DS trailer introduces characters, wardrobes and visible encounters

The Dragon Quest 7 remake for the Nintendo 3DS will have a colorful cast of characters and feature costume changes for its main protagonists, many of them job-based, according to a trailer released by Square Enix today.

The video posted above introduces the main cast that players will control, then follows them on a brief jaunt across the world map. Each character will have different sets of outfits, such as knight's armor, court jester costume, pirate garb and even a sheep suit.

Random encounters have also been done away with in favor of visible ones favored in later series' titles, allowing players to pick and choose their battles. Players will see monsters that can be approached in the field rather than be pulled sporadically from gameplay into battle.

Dragon Quest 7 will be released on Feb. 13. There is currently no release date for the game outside of Japan.