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Filed under: cuts 10 percent of staff as it refocuses its 'efforts and energy'

Media and gaming website Machinima was hit with layoffs today, with more than 10 percent of their employees let go, Machinima editor-in-chief Rob Smith confirmed to Polygon.

Smith said that 23 of the company's 200 employee were let go as part of a restructuring plan. All of the layoffs were in the production and programming editorial departments, he said.

"We've grown rapidly over the last couple of years and as we look to 2013 we're looking where the business needs to be and where we need to focus our efforts and energy," Smith told Polygon. "As a result we were also looking at places we might have to cut."

Smith added that there was no "corporate edict" to cut 10 percent of the company.

"It was much more organic," he said.

Among the 23 laid off is editorial manager Billy Shibley, who tweeted earlier that he had been laid off along with many of his fellow staff members.

Despite the cuts, is still hiring, Smith said. There are currently 15 openings on LinkedIn, he said.

"It's not like we're falling apart," he said. "It is a refocus of what we'll be doing. This helps us create compelling programming in more areas," he said.

Smith doesn't think the refocus will be big enough for regular visitors to or viewers of the YouTube channel to notice. He added that anyone looking to hire should reach out to him.

"If anyone is looking for any good people," he said, "I have a bunch of referrals I can provide."

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