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Rage DLC 'The Scorchers' launching next week for $5

Rage, id Software's post-apocalyptic first-person shooter, will receive a new add-on called The Scorchers on Windows PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 next Tuesday, Dec. 18, publisher Bethesda Softworks announced today.

The Scorchers will cost 400 Microsoft Points ($5) on Xbox Live Marketplace, and $4.99 on PC and PlayStation Network.

The Scorchers are some of Rage's craziest, most brutal bandits, and they're seeking to destroy the Wasteland. In the DLC, you'll team up with new allies using new weapons like a Nailgun to take down the Scorcher scourge in six new environments.

The Scorchers also includes a new difficulty mode called "Ultra-Nightmare," and gives players more flexibility with new options that allow them to return to the Wasteland after the end of the campaign and choose missions from a menu to replay at their leisure. Plus, there's a new season of Mutant Bash TV to enjoy.

Rage originally launched in October 2011. Check out eight screenshots from The Scorchers above.

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