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Guardians of Middle-earth DLC trailer brings Bilbo and Bert to battle

Guardians of Middle-earth, the multiplayer online battle arena recently released for consoles, received DLC this week adding Bilbo Baggins and Bert the Troll to the battlefield.

The hairy-footed Baggins is a striker class Guardian, designed for dealing damage with his trusty sword Sting at his side. The oafish Bert is a tactician class Guardian who wields a giant barrel and is set to spring traps and control the flow of combatants through the warzone's corridors.

Players who've purchased the Season Pass for 1200 Microsoft Points or $14.99 on the PlayStation Store can download the new characters now. Others can purchase them for 160 Microsoft Points or $1.99 on the PlayStation Store. Alongside the characters, developer Monolith Productions also released a free compatibility pack that turns the battlefield into the Shire, the home of one Mr. Bilbo Baggins.

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