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Star Command prepped for limited January release and Steam Greenlight entry

Star Command's developers at War Balloon Games plan to release the game in January in the U.S. and U.K. and submit it to Steam Greenlight shortly thereafter, according to a recent post on the game's second Kickstarter blog.

Using the limited mobile release as a testing ground for the isometric starship management simulator, the developers will focus on "bug squashing and gameplay fixes" to enable a wider launch.

"We still are a very small team and massive QA testing is very difficult for us and would push our release date significantly — so this is the path we have chosen," the update reads. "We fear a Pocket Planes scenario where a small percentage of phones are [having] saved-games wiped — y'know tiny bugs like that."

Alongside January's soft launch, the developers plan to release the game for Windows and Mac though Steam Greenlight. If approved through Valve's service that allows fans to vote on games to be released on Steam, Kickstarter backers will receive beta keys for access. PC development will become "top priority" after Star Command's mobile launch.

You can find more details about the upcoming launch and Star Command's planned updates, which will be free and patterned after Team Fortress 2, in the Kickstarter blog post here.

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