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Little Inferno's John Williams-inspired soundtrack released as a free download

The soundtrack for Little Inferno, the Yule log-inspired fireplace simulation game from the developers of World of Goo, is now free to download, according to a post on the developer's website.

"I'm a big fan of movie music from the 80′s and 90′s — like John Williams (1993 was his most amazing year), Danny Elfman's 90′s heyday, Vangelis in the early 80′s — all with strong melodic themes and instantly identifiable orchestration," composer Kyle Gabler wrote in the post announcing the free soundtrack. "It was my goal with this soundtrack to write music that sounded like it could have been written in that time of VHS tapes and Stan Winston special effects, with clear, hummable melodies for each character and theme."

You can check out a trailer of the smoking hot gameplay accompanied by Gabler's melodies above. Little Inferno is available now through Steam for Windows and in the Wii U eShop. Developer Tomorrow Corporation is also working on Mac and Linux versions.