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Mew-Genics players will need a special case to hold their in-game trinkets

Team Meat released the eighth teaser for its cat-centric title, Mew-Genics, on its blog Saturday, revealing the Trinket Display Case as the game's newest element.

The post was made by Edmund McMillen, who explained that trinkets will be "vital as the game progresses." During the course of gameplay, "stuff" will appear, McMillen wrote. That includes anything from food, mail and kittens to less savory items such as barf and poop.

Mew-Genics currently includes 105 trinkets, each of which has randomly generated properties. Players will need to first grab a Trinket Display Case before they can start collecting. The first case will hold 15 items.

Team Meat announced Mew-Genics in late October. The team continues to release details every "Caturday" on the characters, music, gameplay and more. Last week, they posted the game's title theme.

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