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Dust 514 dev diary video is all about weapons

Dust 514, CCP's free-to-play EVE Online first-person shooter spin-off, will grant players a variety of weapons to use on the battlefield, producer Thomas Farrer explained in the latest developer diary.

According to Farrer, the goal with Dust's weapons was to create easily recognizable roles, but with technology far more advanced than their modern-day equivalents. The game has hundreds of weapons and variations, as well as different weapon skills players can learn.

Weapons exist in three categories: heavy, light and sidearm. Light weapons are the "workhorse" of the field, Farrer explained, appearing as midrange assault rifles or mid-to-long range energy weapons. Heavy weapons, on the other hand, grant players raw power, but can only be equipped by those in heavy armor. A player's sidearm is their backup weapon for when they've been forced into a corner.

The PlayStation 3-exclusive is currently still in closed beta, although players can still sign up for a chance to join on the game's website.

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