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Bobby Kotick profile delves into success and photo defacing

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick may not be one of the industry's most loved characters, but it's difficult to deny his success.

A recent profile from The New York Times took a closer look at Kotick's rise to Activision CEO, detailing his humble beginnings as an art history major who dropped out at the behest of Steve Jobs. Kotick and his partners would eventually claim a controlling stake in Mediagenic, the company that would later become Activision, and proceed to acquire development studios with fervor.

In addition to details on Activision and Kotick's accomplishments, the profile also includes Kotick's response to those with a deft hand in Photoshop.

"Think about what it's like for my dating life when the first picture that comes up is me as the Devil," Kotick said.

Check out the full profile here.

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