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Dota 2 contest winners will have their fan-made gear added to the game

The winners of Valve's Dota 2 gear-crafting contest will have their fan-made items officially added to the game's stores, the company announced on the game's official blog today.

Winning items will be added to the game with its next update. Creators will receive a share of download sales as well per Steam Workshop policy.

Earlier this fall, Valve reached out to professional graphic artists community the Polycount forums to submissions. The Best Overall winner was an item set from users Steam users Danidem and Hunter called "Rider of the Storm" for the Disruptor hero class. The seven-item pack includes armor that allow players to harness the power of storms and a Scaled Hunter mount, a retooled design of the original Dota 2 mount.

Dota 2 players can grab the Rider of the Storm armor set through Steam Workshop when the game's holiday update goes live next week.