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Sony adding audio presets to Pulse headset with free PS3 app on Dec. 18

A free PlayStation 3 app allowing Pulse - Elite Edition headset owners to experiment with additional audio modes will be available on PlayStation Network tomorrow, Dec. 18, Sony announced today.

The headset already includes six different audio presets for listening to various types of content. The Pulse Elite Manager app will add the following five to that list:

  • Football (Game):
    BassImpact lets you feel the crunch of bone-crushing tackles or jolts behind every kick of the football.
  • Horror (Movie):
    Deep bass sounds are enhanced to heighten the eerie atmosphere while the high shrill of screams are boosted to make you jump out of your seat.
  • Action (Movie):
    The low and high sounds of explosions and gunfire are magnified delivering a bigger and more intense audio experience.
  • Techno (Music):
    The lows of bass beats and highs of synthesizers are amplified enhancing the audio experience.
  • Hip Hop (Music):
    Hear the kick of low bass combined with crisp sounds of vocals.

Each preset utilizes the headset's "BassImpact" audio processing to make the content in question sound better, according to Sony.

The Pulse - Elite Edition headset regularly costs $149.99, but it is available for $129.99 through Jan. 12 as part of Sony's PlayStation Play Days sale.

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