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Warhorse Studios' 'next-gen' role-playing game footage leaked

Czech Republic-based Warhorse Studios is working on a role-playing game for next generation consoles, as shown in leaked footage of the company's engine that surfaced on YouTube.

Warhorse uses a modified version of Crytek's CryEngine 3. The studio verified the leaked footage as a "fragment" of its current project in a post on its blog, identifying it as a clip showing a 200 by 200 meter space of the story's setting, which reportedly covers several square kilometers.

The footage is part of a presentation given by Warhorse at a recent gaming conference in Prague. The demo ran on a two-year old laptop model, which creative director Dan Vavra wrote is "not exactly state-of-the-art PC or next gen Xbox," and added that applying the next-gen label to the game is "somewhat misleading." He added that the game runs fine on average present day PCs.

Vavra noted that demo does not show final lighting or other effects, and serves only as an example of the game's environment and not an official representation of what next generation games should look like.

Warhorse's game is currently in playable form, with all animation and gameplay foundations in place. The studio is fine-tuning the game and plans to show it to potential partners soon, writes Vavra, and the team hopes to be comfortable enough with the product for an official announcement early next year.

Check out the video above for a look at Warhorse's demo.

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