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Minecraft Xbox 360 update includes breeding and enchanting, holiday skin pack now available

The latest update for the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft adds several new things to do including animal breeding and brewing, as well as a new biome and skin animations, reports Play XBLA.

The update will include content from the Java version's update minus "The End," which will come in the Xbox version's next update.

Players on Xbox 360 can now breed animals by feeding two of the same kind a certain food and making them kiss, as well as brew potions at new Brewing Stands. Experience Orbs will now be granted through mining, destroying mobs, breeding and using Furnaces, and these Orbs which translate roughly into experience points - can be used to earn special abilities and objects through Enchanting crafting tables.

The update also adds the Mushroom Biome, terrain that is riddled with mushrooms and grants access to the Mycelium block type, the Nether Fortress structures and fire-shooting enemy type, and new animations for several characters skins.

Additionally, the Festive Skin Pack will be available beginning this Wednesday for 80 Microsoft Points ($1). Players can dress up their Minecraft avatars to look like Santa and Mrs. Claus, elves, gingerbread men and a special Christmas Creeper.

A full list of add-ons and tweaks coming with update TU7 can be found on Play XBLA.

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