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Molyneux: The assumption of wealth has hurt 22Cans' Kickstarter campaign

Game industry veteran and founder of 22Cans, Peter Molyenux says that the assumption that he is individually wealthy has hurt the studio's Kickstarter campaign for GODUS, according to an interview with Kotaku.

Speaking with Kotaku, Molyneux says that many people assume that he has enormous personal wealth with which he could fund GODUS, but this is not the case.

"I am not by any measure a hugely wealthy individual," says. "I live in a nice house. I have two cars. My son goes to a nice school. We take one holiday a year. By anybody's measure, you wouldn't call me wealthy.

"I think the confusion is that for every game I've done, I have received vast, huge riches of royalties from. In fact, most of the royalties from my games have gone into continuing to fund the company. And then with every company I've sold, the philosophy has been the same, that I've shared the ownership of the company with the people who are involved in it."

Molyneux says that he owned less than 50 percent of his last company, Lionhead, and he has already used most of his money to hire developers and fund 22Cans for the development of Curiosity, which was released earlier this year.

"I think the assumption that I'm richer than Mark Zuckerberg and that we both own Europe has hurt our Kickstarter campaign.

"A lot of people think that people like myself shouldn't enter into Kickstarter, that it's only for struggling developers. We are very fortunate that I had received money to found 22Cans and we're off to a running start. But again, those resources are finite."

At the time of writing the GODUS Kickstarter campaign has raised £353,498 or a £400,000 goal with three days to go.

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