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Halo 4 bans affected less than 200 players

Halo 4 bans explained

Fewer than 200 Halo 4 players were incorrectly banned from the game yesterday after accessing the Crimson Map Pack, and the problem has since been resolved, according to a Microsoft statement sent to Kotaku.

On Sunday a number of Halo 4 players took to the game's official forums to complain about receiving what seemed to be a permanent ban from the game after they played the Crimson Map Pack. At the time, a Microsoft moderator said that they were investigating the issue. Today, they released the following statement:

There was a situation yesterday (Sunday) in which less than 200 Halo 4 users were being incorrectly banned from accessing certain parts of the game (not banned from Xbox LIVE as a whole), and we have since resolved the issue. All players accounts impacted are working as normal. For more information, please go to the Halo Waypoint forums here.

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