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Hideo Kojima's amazing Metal Gear Solid bento box is packed with heads

At an event at Sony Computer Entertainment headquarters in Tokyo held to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Metal Gear and Final Fantasy series, catering presented designer Hideo Kojima with an interesting lunch.

The above gallery shows photos tweeted by Kojima of his Metal Gear-themed bento, featuring edible heads of the game's biggest heroes set in a containing made to look like a PlayStation 3 slim. He notes that the heads are primarily made of mashed potatoes, while the eyes were crafted using tapioca. The hair and beards were made from shredded green onions, while the face armor and bandanas are seaweed. Even the box's chopstick rest is shaped like a tiny Dualshock controller.

Check out the photos above and Kojima's Twitter account to get a good look at this edible epic.

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