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Zombie Studios making PC psychological thriller with Unreal 4

Blacklight developer Zombie Studios revealed that the company is building a psychological thriller for PC using Unreal Engine 4, the company announced today.

The studio is aiming for a Q2 2013 release for its unnamed thriller, which the company decided to create using Unreal 4 after seeing the tech demo presented at the Game Developers Conference earlier this year.

"Epic has provided a wholly new kind of foundation for artists and designers," Zombie Studios creative director Jared Gerritzen said in a press release. "We've been able to work in ways we have only dreamed about with UE4, which will be a fundamental benefit to our studio as we move into the next generation of games and take our studio to the next level."

"Unreal Engine 4 is a next-gen engine in terms of workflow, productivity and calabilitynot to mention the creative freedom it gives developers," said Epic's North American licensing head Joe Kreiner. "We can't wait to see Zombie's vision for its newest project come full circle."

Zombie is the second studio to acknowledge a licensing agreement with Epic Games for Unreal Engine 4, Square Enix being the first to publicly announce a partnership in September.