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Battlefield 3 End Game DLC trailer coming Dec. 21, includes dirt bike reveal

Battlefield 3's fifth and final expansion pack, End Game, will be the subject of a teaser trailer this Friday, Dec. 21, which will include footage of the DLC's new dirt bike, according to a listing on the game's website.

End Game is scheduled to arrive in March 2013. The DLC's listing on the official website touts four new maps, a motorcycle and new assignments. A recent rumor published on 4news sets the expansion in a jungle.

At Gamescom earlier this year, Electronic Arts announced that it would package Battlefield 3's DLC packs — Back to Karkand, Close Quarters, Armored Kill, Aftermath and End Game — as Battlefield 3 Premium Edition for $69.99. Premium subscribers also receive the DLC a few weeks ahead of its retail release, as well as access to videos like teaser trailer to premiere this Friday.