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Epic Games opens online merchandise store

Epic Games launched it official online store today.

Fans of Epic can purchase exclusive apparel and other merchandise featuring the company's properties, including its more popular brands and characters. The store currently stocks items like Gears of War artwork, Infinity Blade and Unreal Engine-themed apparel, as well as a special t-shirt depicting the fledgling Impossible Studios mascot, the Impossibear.

Epic plans to continually expand the store and promises several surprises coming in the following weeks.

"We're excited to launch Epic's official store and provide our loyal fans apparel and merchandise that they can't find anywhere else," director of marketing Kendall Boyd said in a press release. "Our hope is to grow our brand via channels such as the Epic Store and celebrate all of our terrific intellectual properties with the community."

The EpicStore is currently accepting rush orders for holiday shipping.