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Nintendo working to fix Wii U's sluggish response time, Dragon Quest Wii players can upgrade for half-off

Nintendo is working to correct the Wii U's slow performance issues, according to a Nintendo Direct presentation posted to the company's Japanese website this morning.

In the video, president Satoru Iwata acknowledged and apologized for the system's sluggish response during tasks, like switching applications, and for the lengthy day-one update required to patch in the console's online functionality.

Iwata did not share further information on a possible patch to fix the system lag.

Iwata also apologized for low stock of the Wii U Premium set in Japan and promised that new units are being released each week.

The company also shared details on upcoming title Dragon Quest 10. The game's beta will begin in Japan in February for those who purchased the Wii U Premium and Monster Hunter 3G Premium sets containing beta vouchers. Players who purchased the game on the Wii will also be able to upgrade to the Wii U downloadable version at a 50 percent discount.

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