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Pocket God iOS final content update available today, brings the apocalypse

Bolt Creative's iOS god-game Pocket God receives its final update today, ushering in the apocalypse on its in-game inhabitants, the developer announced.

In Episode 47: Apocalypse, Ow!, players can now access the final room in the Apocalypse Temple, the Closet Room. Inside resides strange Tom the Pygmy and the catalyst that will bring about the world's end. Apparently blame has been misplaced on the Mayans, and the Church of Scientology has been behind the end the entire time. Check out the trailer above for a closer look at Pocket God's end of days.

The update also includes a new zombie skin pack, featuring thematic skins for Pygmies and their monstrous enemies.

Episode 47 is Pocket God's final update, but Bolt Creative states the game's tiny Pygmies will return in new form next year. This includes spin-off title Pocket God: The Runs, an endless runner in the style of Temple Run, and the Pocket God comic series.

Pocket God along with the latest issue of the Pocket God digital comic can be purchased through the iTunes App Store for $0.99 each.

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