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Upcoming THQ projects detailed in bankruptcy filing, games from Turtle Rock, Vigil, Patrice Desilets

THQ's bankruptcy filing includes a number of updates on the company's upcoming internal and external games, revealing the working titles of projects from development studios Vigil Games, Turtle Rock, Relic Entertainment and more.

Vigil Games, the THQ-owned studio behind the Darksiders series, is developing a game with the working title "Crawler," details for which went unrevealed in the filing. Vigil's Haydn Dalton said in an interview with Strategy Informer that the continuation of the Darksiders franchise would depend on Darksiders 2 sales. Whether "Crawler" is a codename for the series' next installment remains to be seen.

Turtle Rock Studios' co-op action title is under the working title "Evolve," which may end up being the final title of the game — in February, THQ filed a trademark for Evolve.

Warhammer 40,000 and Company of Heroes series developer Relic Entertainment is working on a project with the working title "Atlas," which went similarly unexplained in the filing. The documents do mention that the game will be released sometime in 2014, leaving a fairly short gap between that game and Relic's Company of Heroes 2, which launches next year.

Finally, Patrice Desilets' project in development at THQ Montreal is being developed with the working title "1666," which THQ also trademarked earlier this year.

A graph included in the filing shows off the expected budget expenditures for most of the titles listed above, as well as a few other known quantities like Crytek's Homefront 2, and the next Saints Row title. According to the graph, a lion's share of Evolve's budget will have been spent by the 2014 fiscal year (ending March 31, 2014), suggesting the game will be completed sometime in that time frame. Going by the same logic, 1666's budget extends far into the following fiscal year, providing another hint at its release schedule.

Another graph includes rough sales expectations for THQ's full upcoming slate. The numbers themselves aren't inherently interesting — though THQ's expectation for Saints Row 4 to far exceed net sales on any of its other titles certainly is. One noteworthy item, however, is that Relic Entertainment's Atlas doesn't have any predicted unit sales, which could indicate that the game will be free-to-play when it launches.

Polygon has reached out to all studios currently working on THQ projects. We'll let you know when we hear back with any additional information.