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Sir, You Are Being Hunted Kickstarter comes to a close

Sir, You Are Being Hunted, Big Robot's open-world "tweedpunk" title, has closed its Kickstarter campaign with 92,551 British pounds, more than 50,000 pounds over its goal.

In the latest update, Big Robot outlined the game's current form and future. Although the Kickstarter did not reach its 100,000 British pound stretch goal, Big Robot will still work to include some aspects of customization in the game. It won't be as fleshed out as intended, but will still add something to both single and multiplayer games, the team said.

Additionally, Sir, You Are Being Hunted's current July 2013 release goal is subject to change, although backers will be notified of any tweaks. Multiplayer will be added after the release of the single-player game, which remains the team's top priority.

Big Robot will continue to update the game's status on its official website. The team will also leave the Paypal page active for "a while longer, in case any latecomers still wish to pledge." Current backers receiving physical rewards should expect them sometime after the holidays.