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Elite: Dangerous dev diary elaborates on an evolving galaxy

Frontier Developments has released another development diary for Elite: Dangerous, this time with David Braben on how the game's galaxy will change throughout gameplay.

Part of the game's richness will rely on player choice, Braben explained. He uses an example of famines and crop failures, where players can decide to act charitably or use the situation to turn a profit.

Surrounding systems, too, will be paying attention to these situations. Should a system launch an attack or try to take advantage, the player can chose to join or stand against their onslaught. What happens to that system as a result will be in the player's hands.

Elite: Dangerous is Frontier Developments and David Braben's sequel to the 1980s game Elite. If funded, players will complete missions across the galaxy while trading, fighting and exploring. The campaign launched on Nov. 5 with a goal of £1,250,000.

The Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter comes to an end on Jan. 4. At the time of this posting, it's raised more than £640,000.

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