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Bioshock Infinite cosplayer will play Elizabeth in the game's TV ads

Irrational finds its Elizabeth

Russian cosplayer Anna Moleva, also known as "Ormeli", will help Irrational Games bring the character of Elizabeth to life in an upcoming Bioshock Infinite television ad after she impressed the game's developers with her uncanny portrayal of the character through cosplay.

Moleva first came to Irrational's attention after posting photos of herself online cosplaying as Elizabeth. Moleva says in a Q&A with Irrational that the photos were never intended for public viewing and were created for an annual computer game exhibition, but after receiving an overwhelmingly positive response to them she decided to re-photograph herself in costume, this time mimicking the still images of Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite.

Moleva is now working with Irrational by lending her face to Elizabeth's character model to create key art, box art and an upcoming television ad. Irrational Games has made her the official face of Elizabeth and she will be making special appearances at certain events. To see Moleva's digital transformation, head over to the Irrational Games website.

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