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Fable: The Journey pre-order DLC now available for all

Lionhead Studios has now released downloadable content for Fable: The Journey, previously only made available with pre-orders of the Kinect title, in addition to a Fable: The Journey "Bonus DLC" pack which currently offers no product description.

The former pre-order bonus DLC includes an XP-laying chicken, a gnome who offers commentary during your travels, a Wisp in a Jar which gives your character more health, a shard that gives your character a boost in magic, lucky dice that gives players a five percent XP bonus while travelling by cart, gauntlets of flame, gauntlets of bolt, gauntlets of wisdom, gauntlets of the shard and gauntlets of force.

Both DLC packs are available for 80 MS Points each.

Fable: The Journey received a 4.5 out of 10 from Polygon in a review that stated: "The central test of skill in the game is broken. It feels like trying to play a lightgun game while your annoying little brother swats at the barrel with every other shot. It doesn't work."

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