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Team Fortress 2 mecha update introduces new teleporting robot engineers

The Mecha Update, latest update headed to Team Fortress 2, introduces the new Mecha-Engineer robot class, alongside new weapons, a new Mann vs. Machine map and the return of the naughty or nice crates this holiday season.

This update brings the biggest Mann vs. Machine map yet to Team Fortress 2. The Big Rock map has players defend against robot hordes, including the new Mecha-Engineer class who can teleport both themselves and other robots to different areas. Also included is the rescue ranger shotgun, the loose cannon grenade launcher and the vaccinator medigun.

In addition, the naughty and nice crates make a return. The former contains a limited edition set of festive weapons, while the Nice crates feature winter-themed community items. Crates will be available only until Jan. 3, 2013.

Finally, a new Team Fortress comic is also now available. Check it out here.

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