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Elite: Dangerous gains a PayPal pledge option and teaser trailer

A teaser trailer for Elite: Dangerous was released by developer Frontier Development, alongside a new direct PayPal pledge option to help in the funding of the U.K. based Kickstarter project.

According to the project's official Kickstarter page update, the developers received comments from users asking to fund the title through PayPal. Unlike Kickstarter projects based in the United States, U.K. projects require users to input their credit card details directly to the crowdfunding websites. Projects from the U.S., on the other hand, use Amazon Payments to process funding.

As of press time, 822,397 British pounds have been pledged to the project. For Elite: Dangerous to be a Kickstarter success it must reach its funding goal of 1,250,000 British pounds by Jan. 4.

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