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Ngmoco CEO sees mobile gaming ascension turning consoles into a 'hobbyist' market

Clive Downie, mobile developer ngmoco's CEO, believes that the rise of tablet and smartphone gaming will relegate consoles into a niche, hardcore audience, according to an interview with GamesIndustry International.

"I believe [console's] market share will be eroded due to the opportunities that tablets can provide to more consumers all over the world," Downie said. "I do believe there will always be a console market — my sense is it will become ultracore, almost like hobbyist, in the way that certain genres of entertainment or product become hobbyist over time as people have migrated to other things."

Downie sees evidence for his prediction in the rapid adoption new of devices like the iPod Touch and iPad, in which "every subsequent launch of technology in this space has outpaced its predecessor."

He also touts the platforms' portability and games that can cater to limited gaming time.

"They suit the speed we live our lives," he said, and he hopes that games like ngmoco's upcoming shooter The Drowning will bridge the gap between console and the portable gaming.