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God Mode trailer reveals Atlus' new shooter, running and gunning in Hades

A new trailer for God Mode, a multiplayer shooter from Old School Games and Saber Interactive (Inversion, Timeshift), shows the upcoming title's frenetic action, upgradable weapons and characters and its four-player co-op.

In God Mode, players are the dead descendants of an ancient god and must battle through kind of purgatory against an army of undead intent on keeping them there. Players move their customizable characters throughout the Maze of Hades, mowing down waves of enemies. Old School Games twists each round with a modifier in each level that has an effect on the enemies that spawn, as well as the XP and gold bonuses that players collect.

Check out the trailer above to see God Mode in action. North American audiences will get their chance to practice some running and gunning in "early 2013" for $9.99 as a downloadable title on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC, according to a press release from publisher Atlus.

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