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Bit.Trip Saga, escapeVektor and Wario Land 2 arrive on the Nintendo 3DS eShop

New games for the Nintendo eShop

The Nintendo eShop for the 3DS received three new original titles today and a slew of retail games that are now available digitally, such as escapeVektor, Wario Land 2 and Bit.Trip Saga.

The three original titles hitting the store today are escapeVektor ($9.99), PIX3D ($3.99) and Riding Stables 3D ($29.99). In addition, Wario Land 2, which was originally released for the Game Boy Color in 1999, is now available on the 3DS for $4.99.

The following retail games are also now available via the eShop: Mario Tennis Open, Pilotwings Resort, Pokémon Rumble Blast and Bit.Trip Saga.