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Free Ouya dev kits shipping to 10 winning indie developers

Free Ouya dev kits are being shipped to 10 indie developers as part of a 10-day Twitter-based contest that took place on the official Ouya Twitter account.

The contest, which began on Dec. 10, was created as a way of aiding smaller studios who could not afford to purchase one of the Ouya dev kits which were first made available for pre-order on Kickstarter for those who backed the project by at least $699. Developers were encouraged to tweet at the console maker using the hashtag #myouyagame along with a short game concept. Winners were chosen based on their proposed game's popularity as measured by retweets and comments, creativity and likelihood of being made into a working title.

The winners are as follows:

Day 1: Fist of Awesome (Nicoll Hunt)
Day 2: MechKnight Chronicles (Dinosaur Entertainment)
Day 3: Syder Arcade (Studio Evil)
Day 4: KidElectro Seantron)
Day 5: Space Runner (Hypercane Studios)
Day 6: Legend of Dungeon (RobotLovesKitty)
Day 7: iMech Online (Mobula Games)
Day 8: DustyRevenge (PD Design Studio)
Day 9: HolyShield! (Dogbox Studio)
Day 10: Starbound (Chucklefish)

Ouya dev kits are scheduled to begin shipping on Dec. 28. Backers of the console's Kickstarter campaign who pledged $699 or more can expect to receive their Ouya dev kits, containing an early prototype and controller soon after this ship date; However, those in Turkey and Russia are expected to have to longer due to shipping times.

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