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Battlefield 3: End Game teaser trailer features dirt-bike-on-helicopter combat

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Battlefield 3's fifth and final downloadable expansion, End Game, will bring dirt bikes and a capture the flag mode into the 2011 first-person shooter, as seen in a teaser trailer for the DLC released by publisher Electronic Arts today.

EA debuted the trailer this morning exclusively for Battlefield Premium members, at least one of whom, it appears, downloaded the video and posted it on YouTube for public viewing.

End Game's dirt bikes can carry two riders, with the passenger able to fire his weapon from his seat. Not seen in the teaser trailer is the new dropship, which will allow teams to transport vehicles into the field. The expansion includes four new maps and a capture the flag mode, which previously appeared only in two other Battlefield games: the original, Battlefield 1942, and the first one on consoles, Battlefield 2: Modern Combat.

Battlefield 3: End Game is set for release in March 2013.