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Street Fighter X Tekken developers announce final set of balance tweaks coming in ver. 2013 update

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Street Fighter X Tekken will receive a free "ver. 2013" update Jan. 29, and its developers revealed the final set of changes coming in the patch to Tekken and special characters, as well as gameplay, today on the game's official blog (translated by Shoryuken).

Shoryuken identifies significant changes to throws: the animation is two frames shorter, and a successful normal throw (not in the air) eliminates recoverable damage. Mega Man's close standing hard punch animation is half as long as in the original game, and Pac-Man is completely invincible during the first nine frames of his EX flip kick.

Check out the full list of changes on Shoryuken. Capcom previously announced two other sets of tweaks included in the ver. 2013 update; you can see them here and here.