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The Secret World’s creative director livestreaming now, post apocalypse

The Secret World's creative director, Joel Bylos has emerged from his Doomsday shelter following the absent apocalypse and is currently hosting a special in-game livestream to celebrate.

The livestream, taking place now on Twitch.TV, includes in-game play and a chance for players get their questions answered. You can view the final "End of Days" video log above, which finds Bylos tucked away in his bunker. Bylos gives viewers a look at his diggs, apocalypse partner Zoe and how he's kept himself entertained all this time. After an impatient call from Funcom's CEO, however, Bylos returns to the surface to celebrate humanity's survival.

The Secret World recently dropped its subscription model to encourage players to prepare for the end of the world. "I am hoping that as the world comes to a screaming halt, people will join me in the game and ignore the savagery and panic going on in the streets outside," Bylos said at the time.

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