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Nintendo Force Magazine emerges as spiritual successor to Nintendo Power

A newly formed magazine is aiming to fill the gap in print publication left by Nintendo Power: Nintendo Force Magazine, a project populated by a staff of established games writers, many of them hailing from Nintendo-centric websites.

The magazine is spearheaded by IGN's Lucas Thomas, who sent out an email to "some of the biggest names in Nintendo games journalism" shortly after Nintendo Power announced its cancellation in August. Thomas proposed forming a project that would become the magazine's spiritual successor, an homage to the publication's legacy.

"Nintendo Force isn't Nintendo Power," Thomas wrote on the Nintendo Force website. "But Nintendo Force is going to be, in every way possible, a spiritual successor to the great publication we've just lost. That means the same balance of content preveiws, reviews. Coverage of downloadable games. Letters from readers and highlights for creativity happening out in the Nintendo fandom. It means the same eye for clean, appealing page design."

Nintendo Force's inaugural staff of 16 includes writers from Nintendo World Report, Nintendo Life, Go Nintendo, Destructoid, and 1 UP, to name a few.

Thomas promised to share more information on Nintendo Force in the coming weeks. In the meantime curious minds can keep an eye on the publication's Facebook and Twitter pages.