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Rise of the Triad production diary details the perks of a virtual team

The latest production diary for Rise of the Triad, a reboot from developer Interceptor Entertainment, explains the advantages of working away from an office.

The team itself has no one location, but is composed of members worldwide; England, the United States, Mexico, Ireland and Russia are but a few places the developers call home. Although the team doesn't work in one office, being separate has its advantages.

"You can actually work whenever you want," level designer Martin Colith said. "There's nothing really between you and your work that gets in the way. No travel time, nothing like that."

Other developers prefer the seclusion, while some just like working in the nude. An international team also means that someone is always around.

"You get assistance 24/7," said Veselin Stoilov, an environment artist. "You don't have to wait until the next morning to go to work and to ask your supervisor about the problems you hit last night ... The guys in the U.S. or New Zealand are always awake."

Check out the video above. Rise of the Triad was announced at QuakeCon in August. The reboot is expected to feature the same insane gameplay of the original.