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California senator calls NRA's reaction to violent games 'pathetic and unacceptable'

In response to the National Rifle Association's rally against violent video games, California Senator Leland Yee has called their reaction "pathetic and completely unacceptable," via a statement issued yesterday.

According to Yee (pictured above), when a law against the sale of violent games to children went before the Supreme Court in 2011, the NRA did nothing to help.

"I find it mind-boggling that the NRA suddenly cares about the harmful effects of ultra-violent video games," Yee said. "When our law was before the Supreme Court — while several states, medical organizations and child advocates submitted briefs in support of California's efforts — the NRA was completely silent."

Yee continued to say that rather than be part of the solution, the NRA is attempting to "pass the buck."

"More guns are not the answer to protecting our children, as evident by the fact that armed guards weren't enough to stop the tragedy at Columbine High School," Yee said. Following the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, Yee authored legislation to strengthen California's gun laws and bans on assault weapons.

The NRA placed blame on violent video games earlier this week, calling out titles such as Bulletstorm, Grand Theft Auto and Mortal Kombat.