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Wonderstruck announces debut game Polycraft, pre-alpha available now

Wonderstruck, a team of developers formerly of Lionhead, Ubisoft, Sony and Electronic Arts, announced their debut title: an island-survival game called Polycraft.

Polycraft is an HTML5 browser-based game. After being stranded on a mysterious island, players must create a new life for themselves and defend against the island's inhabitants. Structures, walls and towers can be built with gatherable resources.

The game is currently in pre-alpha for anyone to play. According to Wonderstruck, the pre-alpha is "a small sample of what we plan to include in the future," and all current in-game art is merely a placeholder for a 2013 facelift.

Pre-alpha players should also know that when the game receives an update, the team may need to delete save files; in the case of purchases made, players will get Amber back for every new version. Additionally, players who make purchases during the alpha will earn special privileges as VIPs in future releases.

You can play the Polycraft pre-alpha here. Players can sign in as a guest or create an account to play with friends, collect badges, compete in leaderboards and more.