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Spelunky XBLA update brings game fixes and tweaks

A new title update for the Xbox Live Arcade version of Spelunky adds a number of gameplay tweaks and bug fixes, including shop price drops and game crashes.

Several multiplayer fixes are present as well. Game timers that ran with the Xbox guide menu up, hired hands appearing in coffins and sale items remaining in player possession after another player exited the level are problems that have been corrected.

Additionally, ending your adventure will no longer cause bags to pour out, and players will now start at the tutorial door if it's already been beaten.

You can view the full list of fixes below, or view the original update here.

Gameplay Changes

  • Significant price changes to shop items (mostly reductions for weaker items).
  • Flip-hanging a one-tile wide pit while carrying an item will not cause the item to hit you anymore.
  • Critters now have lowest item pick up priority. (You will always pick up items that are in front first.)
  • Items now take player velocity into account when determining whether to do damage from velocity.
  • Tiki Men in dark levels now carry torches instead of boomerangs.
  • Caveman villages cannot spawn in dark levels any more.
  • Sceptre would kill you if you had it pressed up against a wall.
  • Sceptre will not target harmless critters anymore.
  • Hired hands were grabbing items for sale.
  • Spectacles are now much less useless.
  • Plasma Cannon flies straighter.
  • Magma men will now ignite bombs and light torches.

Big Bugs

  • A small number of players were experiencing a lock at the initial loading screen, but only when connected to LIVE. We were not able to reproduce this, but tried to fix it anyway.
  • Letting the timer go too high would cause the game to crash when you exited the level.
  • Crash when getting eaten by worm and killed by ghost at the same time.
  • Multiplayer: if a player died while another player was exiting the level, the game would crash.
  • Crash when crushed in tutorial level.
  • Crash when destroying [SECRET]'s hands.
  • It was possible (although unlikely) that no graves would get generated in the Cemetary, crashing the game.
  • Mattock would reset to 100 uses upon entering a new level.
  • Anubis would become invincible if he touched lava.
  • "Eternal Life" achievement was sometimes not triggering correctly. We were not able to reproduce this, but tried to fix it anyway.
  • "Big Money" achievement would not unlock if winning game pushed you over the mark.
  • Monkeys sometimes not appearing in journal. We were not able to reproduce this, but tried to fix it anyway.

Medium Bugs

  • Beating a level quickly would not prevent the next level from being dark.
  • Monkeys could toss you onto a ledge, causing you to hang indefinitely.
  • Croc Men could telefrag you while you're walking into the exit.
  • Killing the Black Knight would anger shopkeepers.
  • Cobra spit was angering shopkeepers.
  • Getting eaten or crushed while wearing a cape or jetpack would cause the item to disappear, but only for that level.
  • Journal items were not unlocking right when you stole them.
  • The slight pause while loading music at the beginning of a level is now gone.
  • Lava kills not counting in journal.
  • Game would prompt you to connect to LIVE every time you died if you weren't connected.
  • Multiplayer: blowing up a player's coffin would cause hired hands to appear in their coffins from there on out.
  • Multiplayer: opening enough coffins would cause hired hands to appear in their coffins from there on out. We were not able to reproduce this, but tried to fix it anyway.
  • Multiplayer: game timer was still running while the Xbox guide was up.
  • Multiplayer: Players could keep for sale items as long as another player exited the level.
  • Deathmatch Arena Select titles were being unlocked before the arenas themselves.Lil' Bugs

Lil' Bugs

  • Pitcher's mitt sometimes wouldn't throw straight.
  • Shopkeeper waiting at exit would curse you when struck by a tiki trap (annoying).
  • Shopkeepers hit by cobra spit could be picked up.
  • Items stuck to sticky objects weren't losing their velocity.
  • Ghost would occasionally zoom up and quickly kill you a second time after you respawned with the ankh.
  • Hired hands that fell onto a spring while stunned would cause the spring to flip out.
  • Pushing spinner spider with push block would cause it to float in mid-air.
  • Tossing punishment ball onto something sticky would cause weird behavior.
  • "Ending Adventure" while walking into exit would cause bags to pour out of you.
  • "Talk to Tunnel Man" button prompt was not displaying the correct button after player changes his or her controls.
  • "Ending Adventure" will now start you at the tutorial door if you've already beaten it.
  • Destroying a lake tile with a tiki trap on top of it wouldn't destroy the tiki trap also.
  • Gems were generating on top of other items and in push blocks.
  • Diamonds were appearing in Loot Count as small rubies.
  • If error message popped up while a level feeling or similar notice was being displayed, the notice bar would remain after dismissing the error pop up.
  • Freeze another player and pick them up while frozen: player would remain in same spot until unfrozen and then "teleport" back into your hands.
  • Start a multiplayer game before the tutorial is beaten: players would have bright lights around them.
  • Held players were immune to explosions.
  • Ice Caves background turned black when player fell off the bottom of the screen.
  • Loading/saving icons did not respect brightness setting (they were quite rude).
  • Multiplayer: Anubis II was appearing when [SECRET] was picked up a second time.
  • Go back to Deathmatch Arena Select screen from Character Select screen: map always shows the first map regardless of what you selected.
  • Deathmatch: Vine tiles were not previewing correctly on the Arena Select.
  • Deathmatch: Colors of preview maps more obviously different.

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