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Patterns now available for direct purchase

Linden Lab, best known as the creators of online virtual world Second Life, will sell their sandbox game Patterns directly on, the company announced.

Patterns is a 3D universe where players build both simple and complex structures. Exploration also plays a part, as players will discover new shapes and materials to build with.

The game is available in its "Genesis" release, or pre-alpha stage. According to Linden Lab's CEO, Rod Humble, the game is "still in its infancy" and more developments are planned in 2013. Additional updates will be available at no additional cost to those who purchase the game now.

Patterns is available for a limited time at $9.95, a $10 discount off the normal price. The game launched earlier this year in Genesis mode for both Windows and Mac. Don't miss our feature on Linden Lab's work on Patterns and other creative ventures.