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A Valley Without Wind 2 beta available now through Steam

A Valley Without Wind 2, a platforming adventure with turn-based strategy elements, is now available for pre-order and beta access, PC Gamer reports.

In A Valley Without Wind 2, players take control of a mage who has infiltrated evil overlord Demonaica's inner circle. By wielding the same power as the overlord, players will lead a rebellion and take down Demonaica.

The game is available alongside the first title in a dual pack, which is currently on a 60 percent off holiday sale for $5.99. The pack will grant purchasers immediate access to the game's beta. Players who already own the first A Valley Without Wind should be able to access the beta for free in their game library.

You can watch the beta trailer above. A Valley Without Wind 2 is expected to launch in February 2013.

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