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Newtown boy starts 'Played Out,' asks kids to toss violent games

A 12-year-old boy from Newtown, Conn. is asking kids to join him in tossing out their violent video games in a movement called "Played Out," the Hartford Courant reports.

Max Goldstein, pictured above, announced his idea on Wednesday at the local public library. According to the Courant, Goldstein came up with the idea after attending a funeral for one of the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting — Daniel Barden, 7, a friend's brother. While listening to prayers and songs, Goldestein realized "how real this was." He didn't want to kill in games again.

A bin will be placed outside the Newtown Youth Academy sports center for people to toss their violent video games.

Following the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary, violent video games have come under fire. The National Rifle Association recently blamed violent games for the tragedy, while others believe stronger gun laws are the solution.

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