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Minecraft marathon 'MineThon 2' raises money for charity

A group of Minecraft players are currently hosting the second-annual 72-hour non-stop livesteam called MineThon to raise money for Child's Play.

Volunteers Ethan Smith, Ryan Holdeman, Isaac Song, Marcus Custodio and Evan Bolyen will craft, auction away items and hold other related events during the steam. Aside from sponsor contributions, the event is hosted out of pocket.

Viewers can donate through PayPal, and all donations will go directly to Child's Play. Donations of $10 or more will get you added to the MineThon 2 server white-list, while $15 or more will grant you the white-list and additional server benefits such as call commands, premium title, faster game queues and more.

MineThon will run until 2 p.m. ET on Monday, Dec. 24. At the time of this posting, the team has raised $5,757. To watch the stream or check out the event schedule, click here.

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