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Space Heroes Universe makes its cartoon debut

A cartoon series based on the children's massively multiplayer online game, Space Heroes Universe, is out now and is viewable on YouTube.

Developed by Bubble Gum Interactive, the cartoon series is being made by the same people who work on the successful children's MMO.

Speaking to Polygon last month, Bubble Gum Interactive's chief marketing officer Paul Gray said that expanding into cartoon territory was something the development team always wanted to do.

"We've always wanted to make a story rather than just a game or a book, and we see a story as spread across lots of different media," Gray said at the time. "Stories are really becoming these trans-media iterations where there are games and books and movies and toys and fan-art, and a cartoon has always been something we've had in mind."

The first episode of Space Heroes Universe is out now on YouTube and Bubble Gum Interactive has plans to bring the episode to iTunes and Google Play as a free download.

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