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Cocktail recipes inspired by XCOM, Spelunky, Dishonored and more

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Cocktails for Christmas

Video game-themed bar owner, James Dance, who heads up Loading in the U.K. has teamed up with his collaborator Will Edgecombe to create a series of festive gaming-themed drinks for The Guardian.

The bar owner has previously been hired by the likes of Ubisoft and Turtle Beach to create themed drinks for game launches and parties. In a Guardian Christmas special, both Dance and Edgecombe have teamed up to create a range of alcoholic beverages inspired by some of this year's biggest games.

There's XCOM: Ingredients Unknown, The Spelunky Gold Rush, The Dishonored whale oil burner, the Journey desert cooler and the Borderlands quartet of Chaos — all of which can be prepared by an adult with a very well-stocked liquor cabinet.

The recipes for each of the above cocktails as well as an explanation of their connection to the games that inspired them can be read here.