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Remember Me's Neo-Paris is like Akira's Neo-Tokyo, developers explain

The Neo-Paris of Remember Me is Dontnod's vision of a city warped by events that have changed but not watered down its French culture, comparing the futuristic city to Akira's Neo-Tokyo, in a video recording of a Google Hangout with members of the development team.

"Many people asked us why don't [the people in the game] speak French," said. "We brought [the city] to being much more cosmopolitan than it is today, and English has become the main language to the city. It's not about us avoiding to be French, it's about us creating a believable background and history for the world."

Dontnod drew inspiration from 1982 sci-fi film Blade Runner when constructing Remember Me's futuristic dystopian atmosphere. Footage shown in a trailer presented at Gamescom earlier this year shows only one brief aspect of the game's setting, according to the team.

The team also stated that Remember Me's combat system was built from the ground up by Dontnod, with Capcom producer and fighting game guru Yoshinori Ono assisting the project later in development.

Check out the video of the full Q&A above.