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Tweeria turns Twitter into the 'laziest MMORPG ever'

The ultimate Twitter game

All the world's a stage and everyone on Twitter is an actor. That's the idea behind Tweeria, a self-proclaimed lazy Twitter role-playing game where retweets, @replies and favorites from a person's Twitter account translate into Tweeria weapons, movements and attacks.

To "play" Tweeria, players just have to be social on Twitter. The program draws data from Twitter's API, creates a character for every account and assigns players health and strength stats based on information like follower count, number of tweets and how many people you follow. From there, every back and forth @reply, tweet or retweet translates into an in-game action that players have little control over. There is no saying whether an action on Twitter will translate into players teaming up with each other to go on raids in Tweeria, or if it will result in bloodshed and players "killing" their friends.

Speaking to The Verge, Tweeria designer Alex Shteinikov said the development team wanted to create "a more social kind of social game. For us, the real game is played outside Tweeria."

Shteinikov says the game currently has 14,000 registered users with approximately 18,000 visits a day. The team behind the game has plans to bring it to mobile so that players can check their game whenever they check Twitter.

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